Supermarkets and Grocery

April 8, 2020


Supermarkets and grocery stores, at first sight, appear to be one of the huge winners out of the pandemic. However, panic buying and stock-piling from customers have created an issue for these establishments, as they try and keep up with restocking shelves, dealing with the overcrowding of shoppers, and ensuring their own staff are safe and well. We have also seen their digital offering of online shopping unable to keep up with the demand, with many turning this service off and reserving it only for those in special need of the service. How supermarkets and grocery stores can sustain a reliable and safe service will require significant rethinking of their service design and operation logistics.

Possible COVOTS

  • Provide an online booking service for elderly and disadvantaged to book in time to visit the store for their shopping, knowing they will be going when there is no crowd and that they will be provided with assistance when there
  • Smaller grocery stores should take advantage of the larger operators discontinuing online shopping and delivery, and establish a digital presence for click-and-collect and home delivery
Example of a COVOT

Example of a COVOT

Example of a COVOT

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