April 21, 2020


In many countries, COVID-19 has forced all restaurants to close down the dine-in part of their business, as they are considered non-essential and are a potential health risk for the spread of the virus.

Possible COVOTS

  • Pivot the menu and kitchen to solely focus on home delivery
  • Provide a digital download of the menu recipes as a cookbook that your past customers are so fond of
  • Record cooking classes from the head chef and offer these on demand
  • Run a virtual cooking class with the head chef over platforms such as Zoom
  • Package up your menu for "cook at home" and deliver a daily fresh package of the recipes and ingredients
Example of a COVOT

Drive-Thru essentials

McDonalds in Australia are helping to make it more convenient to pick up basics fast, safe and contact-free. You can now buy essentials like Milk, English Muffins and Gourmet Bread Rolls at Drive-Thru.

Example of a COVOT

Tock To Go

Tock is a reservation, table, and event management system that pivoted to a platform (Tock To Go) that provides a way for restaurants to offer their delivery and pickup services.

Example of a COVOT

Guerrilla Tacos

The Los Angeles restaurant is preparing "Emergency Taco Kits" containing tacos, margaritas, coffee and wine that customers can pick up contact-free.

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