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April 21, 2020


Concerts were quick to feel the effects of the pandemic. Many were postponed or cancelled, leaving a number of musicians out of work. Even on a local scale, many bars and clubs have been shut, forcing artists to get more creative with how they make a living. Visual artists are experiencing the same problem — with galleries, markets and cafes closed, opportunities to display work are limited.

Possible COVOTS

  • Perform concerts from home for listeners online. This has already proven popular with a number of musicians, and also has the additional benefit of being able to interact with fans.
  • For musicians, start a podcast with band members. This could be simply exploring the band history or answering listeners questions
  • Use the time to create - make exclusive recordings or artwork only available for sale during the quarantine
Example of a COVOT

Delivered Live

Delivered Live is a new way to experience live music and comedy. Gigs are streamed live to Youtube and Facebook, giving fans the virtual experience of being at the gig.

Example of a COVOT

Castlemaine State Festival

When the popular art festival was unable to run as planned, organisers turned their energy to promoting its online art auction instead.

Example of a COVOT

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