April 28, 2020


Since the COVID-19 pandemic, airlines have suffered immensely, as governments across the globe start to close down their borders or apply isolation guidelines on arriving passengers. This has resulted in many airlines significantly reducing the number of daily flights they run, and in some cases, stopping flights altogether. Some airline operations have even collapsed. As of late March, global flights had reduced by 60% with around 60,000 flights a day.

Possible COVOTS

  • Provide your in-flight entertainment content on-demand to frequent flyer members
  • Use the in-flight catering services to create home delivered meals
Example of a COVOT

Airlines now using passenger planes to ship cargo

With no people to transport, several airlines have converted their empty passenger planes into cargo carriers.

Example of a COVOT

Etihad @ Home

Etihad Airways continues to maintain a digital presence with messages from staff, language learning videos from cabin crew, and cooking lessons from their in-flight chefs.

Example of a COVOT

Aegean Airlines miles donation

Aegean enables flyers to donate their miles towards free flights for medical staff at Greece's hospitals

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