Real Estate and Property

April 8, 2020


Potential tenants and investors of property can no longer physically attend inspections or auctions of property. In a relationship driven industry, real estate and property businesses need to identify alternative avenues to generate revenue and a client base without being able to meet potential clients in person.

Possible COVOTS

  • Develop a platform to facilitate virtual auctions. This technology already exists, yet agents who are already implementing these systems will gain a large slice of a shrinking market
  • Live stream property walkthroughs/tours with a live, online feed of questions that the tour guide can answer
  • Virtual house valuations - using video conferencing, the real estate agent can be walked through an existing property to help value a house
  • Property value consultations - agents and property managers can sell time to consult with property owners on methods to increase the value of their property. During a time of increased DIY projects, these consultations can help identify projects that will bring the greatest return on increasing the value of a property
Example of a COVOT

Example of a COVOT

Example of a COVOT

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