Fresh Food markets

April 2, 2020


Fresh food markets have taken a big hit from the pandemic. With strict social distancing measures in place, this makes it impossible for normally bustling markets to operate, and most have been temporarily closed as a result.

Possible COVOTS

  • Move brick and mortar stalls online, allowing shoppers to browse and purchase from their homes
  • Communicate with stallholders to arrange a single, unified delivery system for the whole market. This reduces the number of vehicles on the road and allows all stallholders to still get their product delivered
  • Set up a drive-through collection system, allowing customers to pickup their orders in their vehicles without human contact
  • Communicate with larger stores or supermarkets who may be looking to stock additional products during this period

Example of a COVOT

Handmade Market

In a matter of days, Handmade Market in Canberra moved their physical market online ⁠— with resounding success.

Example of a COVOT

Example of a COVOT

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