Fashion and Apparel

April 2, 2020


With reduced customer buying around the world, many large brands have had to cancel orders and lay off staff. Combined with the closing of garment factories in Asia and fashion events being postponed or cancelled, this has put many of them in limbo. Italy, with its $100 billion-plus fashion industry has been hit particularly hard with the pandemic. This has affected smaller scale operators too, many of whom rely on offshore production to fill their stores.

Possible COVOTS

  • If facilities are available, consider using them to make protective wear or garments for essential workers. The demand is high and will continue to remain that way for the foreseeable future
  • Focus energy on online buying, while physical stores are closed
  • Continue to support the online experience with muti-format content such as videos and lookbooks

Example of a COVOT

Hedley & Bennett

The work wear manufacturer has turned to producing reusable masks for healthcare and food service workers.

Example of a COVOT


This cycling apparel manufacturer has used its garment and manufacturing knowledge to start producing face masks and shields for essential workers.

Example of a COVOT

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