Brewers, Distillers and Wineries

April 20, 2020


Brewers, distillers and wineries are in a unique position, where the coronavirus pandemic has created a massive jump in consumer demand for alcohol consumption at home. This has not, as yet, offset the overall demand for alcohol due to the closure of pubs and clubs. We are seeing a huge opportunity for brewers, distillers and wineries to take advantage of this shift in consumption trends, with a need to ensure products are easily accessible through effective mental and physical availability.

Possible COVOTS

  • Use existing facilities to produce ethanol for use in cleaning and sanitising products
  • Offer a subscription service allowing users to try new products delivered each week during the quarantine period
  • Create extra content to support existing products. For example, recipes and food pairing suggestions for beer, or cocktail ideas for spirits
  • "Home Alone" kits: brewers can release home brew kits to replicate their own brews
Example of a COVOT

Good George Brewing - Hand Sanitiser

New Zealand Craft Brewery, Good George, is producing 1000 litres of the hand sanitiser using a distillery it had recently been using to make selected spirits.

Example of a COVOT

For the Love of Your Local

Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) has set up a program where drinkers can purchase drinks vouchers from their local bar or pub. CUB matches the voucher $ amount, and the vouchers can be spent when venues eventually re-open.

Example of a COVOT

Signature Brew

The UK brewer has put together the "Pub in a Box" delivery package which includes a selection of beers, snacks, glassware, beer mat, and specially curated Spotify playlists.

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