Education and Learning

April 8, 2020


Although a number of schools and universities remained open through the early stages of the pandemic, many are now beginning to close in an attempt to reduce close contact between students. Schools and teachers have had to prepare online material for as many classes as possible, and these may be used in conjunction with home schooled activities. The coronavirus pandemic has also had an effect on international students — those already abroad may abandon their education to return home, and the increase in new applicants will decrease as well.

Possible COVOTS

  • Move all classes to online teaching, using platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams will allow for large groups and instructor-led training
  • Pre-record class content and allow for students to access on-demand
  • Provide digital resources for parents to ensure they are well informed and across their child's class plans and homework
Example of a COVOT

Macleay University

The Australian university has moved its existing classes online, as well as continuing to provide student assistance and support remotely.

Example of a COVOT

Example of a COVOT

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