Gyms / Fitness Studios

April 8, 2020


In many countries, COVID-19 has forced gyms and fitness centres to close, as they are considered non-essential and are a potential health risk for the spread of the virus.

Possible COVOTS

  • Move to online fitness lessons, either live stream or pre-recorded, and provide existing members access to each class
  • Lease out equipment on a weekly/monthly basis to members
  • Set up an online store to sell protein drinks and health bars, with same day delivery
Example of a COVOT

Love Athletica - @ Home With Love

Pilates studio Love Athletica have taken their popular reformer pilates classes online and are renting out their reformer machines for use at home.

Example of a COVOT


The London-based gym has shifted online, posting daily workouts for their customers on Instagram TV.

Example of a COVOT

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