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PENSO creates digital strategies and digital experiences to make sales for today and build the businesses of tomorrow.

We advise and guide enterprise clients, helping them take advantage of digital to future-proof their business margins.

In times like this, these conversations have gone from important to urgent.

We're collecting a range of pivots driven by necessity and ingenuity, across a range of industries during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

If you have seen other COVID-19 Pivots (COVOTS), please submit them by clicking the 'Submit a COVOT' button.

If your enterprise business is looking for a digital strategy that can help you survive and prosper, contact PENSO.

What is a business Pivot?

As per Eric Ries book "The Lean Startup", a business pivot is "A structured course correction designed to test a new fundamental hypothesis about the product, strategy, and engine of growth."

PENSO defines a business pivot as allowing an organisation to retain a core offering but sell or exploit the offering through a dramatic shift in channels, audiences, approaches or context. This core offering can be around inbound logistics, operations, manufacturing, distribution, sales, marketing, service, people or technology. PENSO defines business strategies that use digital technology as a means to pivot and evolve, in peacetime and wartime.

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